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Security for web3 development

CryptoArmor SecurityDev

Secure web3 development in real time. Automatically find and fix vulnerabilities apart of the development process. Easily integrate web3 security into the CI/CD process.

Detect Smart Contract Vulnerabilities in Code

CryptoArmor applies security intelligence and vulnerability data to contextualize alerts using our data engine accurately apply the most urgent security alerts, limiting false positives to developers can keep pushing code.

Don’t let easily avoidable issues be the next big headache your business deals with. Let CryptoArmor be the resource your dev team needs to keep your web3 business product safe.

CryptoArmor is the platform for securing blockchain development. Our platform integrates into your development process, automatically finding and fixing vulnerabilities so they don’t reach production. You can keep pushing code without worrying about security issues.

CryptoArmor finds security issues before they reach production. Even with security conscious development, security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations still happen and can set back businesses.

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